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Inspiration : Scarf as a Start

Whenever I feel stuck, I look at my closet and try to think outside the box.

What do I want want to wear today?

The easiest step is look at the weather :Cold or Hot, Windy or Stuffy?

Obviously you don’t want to wear long sleeves wool sweater on hot summer day nor you want to wear that plunging neckline dress on windy day?!!

So, weather can be a good starting point for sure. 😉

I remember one winter day January 2017.

It’s going to be cold and it’s going to be windy.

So I grabbed my blanket scarf.



Then what?

I have worn this scarf with so many different outfit, I have worn it with my red sweater with mustard vest and green pants.

I can always repeat what I wore, but I wanted to pair it with something different, something I have not worn for a while.

This scarf has so many different color on it : red, blue, green, yellow, black, white.

So I pretty much can wear anything with that color on.

Closet staring mode on.


That baby blue ruffle cardigan from 2010 and that bright yellow dress!

Voila. A ‘new’ outfit for me!


When I wore this, I actually had a lady kind of examining me and said  :

I really like what you have on!

I would never thought putting all these items together. I had to look twice to what pieces you had on, and you connect all the color from your scarf perfectly.

She just made my day.



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