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Where Can We Find Our Fashion Inspiration?

How many of us stand in front of our closet, staring. So many clothes, nothing to wear.

That’s OK. It happens.

We all need some kind of inspiration. Each of us is an artist. We get stuck, we get bored.

So where can we find inspiration?

Anything can be an inspiration, basically.

Fashion magazines, store catalogs, Instagram, Google, Store websites, your coworkers, strangers you meet everyday, nature and so on.

I found mine sometimes in the weirdest way, like balloon advertisement.



Really? Yeah really!

Look how wonderful those color together, purple and dark yellow (mustard maybe?)

As soon as I saw those balloons, I immediately had a EUREKA moment.

Thanks to all these balloons, I dare myself to pull my mustard dress and crop purple cardigan with small golden beads on it.

I would have never thought wearing them together had I not seen those balloons.





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