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What is YOUR color?

This is like the question of the century for me.

I did not know the effects of color on my skin and on my whole look.

I basically love colors. I remember when I was in elementary school, me and my best friend then created this girl only sorority (kind of sort of but not really) : Blue and Pink, mine is blue and hers is pink.

I guess I thought I love blue?


Then in high school, I switched to purple as my favorite color, all my items were purple, all my friends would know how I love purple.

I had this plaid dark purple wool pants from Benetton which I confidently wore in this high school party – which I think most of my friends thought I was out of this world for wearing such bold pants. (note, we don’t really wear plaid in Indonesia, just saying)

My addiction to purple went all the way to college years and well..current life.

I just love purple, I did not know whether it is my color.

Then I moved to States, started working in fashion retail industry.

There while working on my first retail job, I was introduced to many completely bizarre statements.(aka things I have never heard before in my entire life then)

Client : Does this color look good on me? –

Me: Why would any color not look good on anyone?

Clients chatting to each other , as one trying something on:
OMG. That color washes you out!

Me : Wash out? like shore got wash out due to erosion? what???

Client : I don’t like this green, it’s too Fall like

Me : What’s wrong with that green? It’s just a different hue of green…..

Client : My bf has green eyes, this shirt will match perfectly.

Me : Really? you match your shirt with your eyes???? (note : hey, I was surrounded with all brown eyes people for over 30 years, OK!)

Man…these conversation of color really not something I was used to!

At first, I totally ignored them. I was like ‘Geez, people, whatever!

Only after many moons later, I finally ‘got it’ what is the main meaning of those conversations.

Color makes a huge different on us

Our different skin complexion blends differently to different colors.

And maybe our hair color too, but I am still not sure about eyes color. To me it’s not as significant as your skin.

Some color blends well, some color will make you glowing like a princess and some color will make you look like a boiled crab.

And I still care less about certain color to wear in certain season.

So how to find your color? I honestly, trial and error.

Don’t be afraid to put colors on you, jump out of your color comfort zone. 

I learned that even though I like blue, I’d better not wear baby blue, more like royal blue.


And how about purple? my long time favorite color? It still looks good on me, but I think I look better with its close sisters : magenta or fuchsia.


I learned that no matter I really want to wear that tan color pants, I’d better not wear it unless I want to be somewhat ‘invisible’ and enhance all my ‘folds’


There will be some colors that you won’t like no matter what and it’s cool. I don’t like wearing black, although I have some basic black items, but I don’t wear black if I don’t have to.

And…there will be some colors that you like, but no matter what you try, you will look ‘goofy’ on it. (and that color is white for me)


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