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My Must Have Basic : Pearl Necklace

I was not sure what to title my post : the must have? the basic?

Must have sounds too forcing, basic sounds too boring. So it’s my must have basic.

Eventually each woman will have their own ‘must have basic’ in their wardrobe. One can be totally different than the other, one can be very similar.

I do have some must have basic items, which I have picked from watching my own fashion sense evolving, from lessons learned of many mishaps and oops, and yikes.

I want to share one of my must have basic : White Pearl Necklace

It is a very classy, simple necklace yet can make your outfit look more polished.

It does not have to be the fresh water pearl necklace, which will cost you a fortune, any

pearl necklace will do. I prefer the real pearl as in not plastic.

I have 2 of my own, one is along one where I can wear it long or I can wear it as multi strand necklace. The other one is a single pearl necklace which I found at local store at a super bargain price $4.99.

I ended up buying 5 of them for my female coworkers, and this necklace is so classy that it fit each of what my coworker wore that day.


I kid you not, pearl is the real deal.

Wear it casually or wear it as a lady



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