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Spring 2017 Trend : The Flirty Shoulder

I have been wanting to write about this season trend, but haven’t had a chance to get some pics or time to do so, until today.

As I ‘finally’ noticed every year all these women clothing store seem to be in agreement of what the trend is. Few years ago, if not couple of years ago was peplum top, which I love peplum, but sadly my type of body does not always fit right with it. So I hate it. I could not wait till that peplum season to be over!

Then, there’s flutter sleeve trend, where the tops have this cute flutter sleeve which made it fun to wear. I loved that one. I bought maybe 3 different flutter sleeves top.

This year trend, is I am totally in love with : the women’s top still being playful around the sleeve, but instead of just one style, this year I noticed there are 2 fun styles : that bell sleeves and flirty off shoulder tops.

I have always loved bell sleeves since many moons ago, I actually still brought a bell sleeve top from Indonesia which I still wear till now.  It must have been at least 20 years ago!

The off shoulder tops, I wasn’t in love till well….this year. As it comes with so many different options : off shoulder with tiny spaghetti strap, asymmetrical off shoulder, asymmetrical off shoulder with a tiny spaghetti strap, I mean..all kinds!!




I don’t know about you, but I am hoping this trend will not go away soon.

They are cute, feminine, flirty and fun!






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