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Pom Pom, Fringe and Tassel

Pom Pom, Fringe and Tassel.

What is your favorite details?

First of maybe let me spill it out what they are :

Pom Pom in my own word is a (mostly) fuzzy ball shape decoration item.

Fringe and Tassel is closely ‘related’. They both a detail with threads of lines.  While fringe usually all around something-like all the arm area on a jacket, or around ankle on a jeans, tassel is more cluster of  ‘individual’ threads of lines , which mostly found in accessories rather than the clothes themselves, like in key chain, necklace, a zipper on a handbag.

Mine is pom pom.

There is a sense of playful, comical and fun about pom pom that I just love.

Even my cat agrees with me as once time we caught him ‘playing’ (or should I shall killing? my pom pom key chain, which for your entertainment, I even posted it here).

After you saw that video of my cat loving my pom pom, I think most of us would agree how playful they are.

I used to just think  pom pom is for key chain as I have 3 of them, but recently I bought a Tshirt with a pom-pom on the neck line and…I love it! it surely adds a cute detail than just a plain solid or stripe tee.


I have seen dress with little pom pom on its sleeves, I have seem summer sandals with sleeves. I think they are adorable!


Fringe I can deal with only on certain items. Like on the bottom of my jeans, or bit of them on my tweed jacket or on my summer dress.

Collage 2017-06-25 13_29_35

Not a fan of fringe on full leather jacket or a handbag. For some weird reasons, they remind of overgrown bangs as when I see fringe on those items, I feel the urge of  wanting to trim them off!! So that’s not gonna be pretty nor the stores going to like me trimming anything tassel I find! I am pretty sure about that!


NO. Not even on a curtain holder where I first noticed about them.

I seriously dislike tassel. For whatever reasons, I feel bothered by tassel. Not sure why??!

I personally don’t think they are even cute or adding ‘value’ to anything!

Ha!???! I can’t believe I am such a hater to a tassel!!! 😉

Oh well…but really all this little details they mean to serve one purpose, to elevate your look,  create uniqueness on your outfit or accessories.

Whether it’s pom pom, fringe or tassel or combination of both or all, make sure to stand out!

Happy Sunday!








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