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Pom Pom, Fringe and Tassel

Pom Pom, Fringe and Tassel. What is your favorite details? First of maybe let me spill it out what they are : Pom Pom in my own word is a (mostly) fuzzy ball shape decoration item. Fringe and Tassel is closely 'related'. They both a detail with threads of lines. ¬†While fringe usually all around… Continue reading Pom Pom, Fringe and Tassel

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Spring 2017 Trend : The Flirty Shoulder

I have been wanting to write about this season trend, but haven't had a chance to get some pics or time to do so, until today. As I 'finally' noticed every year all these women clothing store seem to be in agreement of what the trend is. Few years ago, if not couple of years… Continue reading Spring 2017 Trend : The Flirty Shoulder